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If you need a Chaplain during duty hours call 895-1106; after duty hours, weekends, or holidays call the Command Post at 895-5850 and ask for the Duty Chaplain.  You can use the form below to contact the staff too. If you are interested in leaving an anonymous message try the contact form located HERE.

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    Ecumenical Ash Wednesday Service 



    The Our Lady of the Skies Catholic Community, along with the Protestant Community of Shaw Chapel, joined together today for Ash Wednesday. There will be another service this evening at 1700 at the Palmetto Chapel. All of Team Shaw is invited to attend.


    Lenten Fast and Abstinence


    FASTING prescribes that only one full meal a day be taken.  Two smaller meals may be taken to maintain strength but these taken together should not equal another full meal.  Fasting obliges from the 18th to the 59th birthday.

     ABSTINENCE forbids the eating of meat.  Abstinence obliges from the 14th birthday on.

     ASH WEDNESDAY and  GOOD FRIDAY are days of FAST and ABSTINENCE from meat.

     ALL FRIDAYS of LENT are days of ABSTINENCE from meat.



    5 March 2014

    We will be offering Mass and Ashes at

    1130am and 5pm

    There will also be an Ecumenical

    “Ashes only” service at 7am