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If you need a Chaplain during duty hours call 895-1106; after duty hours, weekends, or holidays call the Command Post at 895-5850 and ask for the Duty Chaplain.  You can use the form below to contact the staff too. If you are interested in leaving an anonymous message try the contact form located HERE.

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    The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    (Click on the link above and learn more.)


                    Friday, 15 August                 

    Mass 1130/1700

    Palmetto Chapel


    1 May-Holocaust Days of Remembrance, 1400hrs Palmetto Chapel

    New England Holocaust Memorial Shaw Air Force Base will host it’s first-ever Holocaust Days of Remembrance event.  The theme for the 2014 observance is Confronting the Holocaust: American Responses.  American responses to the persecution and murder of European Jews invite reflection on the role of individuals, organizations, and governments in confronting hatred and mass atrocities.  Shaw AFB will have the honor to present Dr. Lilly Filler as the guest speaker who is the daughter of Holocaust Survivors, Jadzia and Ben Stern.  She was born in Munich, Germany after World War II and immigrated to the United States in 1949 when she was 18 months old.  Dr. Filler oversees the Holocaust Museum in Memorial Park, Columbia.  Dr. Filler is co-chair of the Columbia Holocaust Education Commission and is Secretary of South Carolina Council of the Holocaust.  Dr. Filler’s presentation will be on 1 May at 1400 in the Palmetto Chapel.  Military personnel, friends, and family are encouraged to attend.  The Days of Remembrance will honor those that have lost their lives and those that survived the Holocaust.  It is important to reflect on this time in history that will never be forgotten.

    Here is a flyer for the event: LINK.


    Catholic Holy Week 2014












    18 April 2014       Good Friday

    No Morning Mass at ALL Parishes

    Outdoor Stations of the Cross at St. Jude 12:00noon

    Stations of the Cross at Our Lady of the Skies 12:00 noon

    Stations of the Cross St. Anne 3:00pm in the Church

    Remembrance of The Lord’s Passion at St. Anne 7:00pm

    Remembrance of The Lord’s Passion at St. Jude 7:00pm

    Remembrance of The Lord’s Passion at

    Our Lady of the Skies 5:00pm


    19 April 2014   Holy Saturday

    Blessing of the Easter Food at St. Anne 10:00am

    NO 5:00pm Mass at Either Parish

    Easter Vigil Mass at St. Anne 8:30pm

    Easter Vigil Mass at St. Jude 8:30pm

    Easter Vigil Mass at Our Lady of The Skies 8:30pm


    20 April 2014        Easter Sunday

    The Resurrection of the Lord

    Masses at St. Anne 7:30am, 9:00am, & 11:30am

    Masses at St. Jude 9:00am, 11:30am, & 1:00pm (Spanish)

    Mass at Our Lady of the Skies 9:00am





    11 April…….5pm  

    18 April…….12pm    

    Followed by a soup supper, please join us.  You may sign up for the following week to bring a meatless soup.